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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Great Dad

A week ago I attended the 50th Wedding Anniversary of  a family couple.  More on that later.  At this event my neighbor introduced me to my dad's godson.    Ernie told me he was three when his mom died of TB and the children were separated because his dad could not take care of his large family and work.  Ernie was sent to live with my dad's family for two years.  I told Ernie the  house he stayed at is the house I live at now.  He told me he had a picture of my dad and I asked him to email it to me.   The picture below is of Ernie in the black suit and my dad on the right.  The other boy in the white suit is Ernie's brother Oscar and the man on the left is my Uncle Pete who is also Oscars godfather.  The couple in the middle are the boys parents.  This picture was taken the day the boys were baptized.   I  don't know the year but believe it is before my dad and Uncle Pete were married.

We met at the end of the evening and did not have enough time for me to ask him questions.  We did agree to meet again and my neighbor said she would have us over for dinner.  One thing he did tell me which I already knew is that my Dad was a great man.  It makes me proud to be his daughter and to have him as my Dad.  I know everyone says "I have the Best Dad" or  "My Dad is Great".   I say the same thing too.  But it felt so good to hear this man, that I did not know existed, tell me "Your Dad was a good man and if it were not for him and his family there's no telling where I might be today.

Meeting Ernie was God sent, as I already had trouble celebrating Mothers Day without my Mom.  I knew Fathers Day would be just as hard.

Dad - Thank you for all you did for your family and  for so many others that we do not know.  You were a  Loving Dad, Great Godfather  and a Giving person.  I love and miss you dearly.
Happy Fathers Day!

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