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Welcome to my Blog Site :) I am so happy you stopped in. I am a part time worker, wife, mom and artist/crafter. I became a grandmother for the first time about a year ago. My passions are Stained Glass and Mixed Media Art. I am a Texas girl living in a house that my father and grandfather built in 1945. I have a loving husband and two teenage boys. My boys are talented musicians who make my life complete. I hope you enjoy reading my posts about music, my boys and grandson and just about life in general. So grab your favorite choice of drink, sit back, relax and happy blogging.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eleven Fun Things About Me

Hubby & I visited with Mickey Mouse
A Blog Friend tagged me to play.   Here are eleven fun things about me. 
I will not tag anyone in particular, but if you would like to play, 
post eleven fun things about yourself on your blog.

1.  I love to go out dancing at the club with hubby
2.  On New Years Eve I was breakdancing with my little nephews.  (Okay so maybe 
theTequila Shots had something to do with it.)
3.  I have some old Barbie Dolls in the attic with no clothes. (Hope the Barbie 
Police doesn't read this.)
4.  I bought a Hello Kitty video for my niece and I want to open and watch it 
before I give it to her because I have never seen Hello Kitty.
5.  I stay up late at night reading blogs with a glass of Moscato then I don't 
want to get up to go to work.
6.  I want to buy myself a pair of animal print boots.  (roar)
7.  I have two teenage boys who say I can get crazy sometimes.
8.  My boys are so funny, I love driving them around cause we are always joking 
and laughing in my green monster van.
9.  Since I don't have any daughters, I love to go shopping with my nieces.
10.  I have been known to pick up trash people throw out to the curb.  Refurbish 
and than sale it at craft shows. 
11.  I'm sexy and I know it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Road Trip

Traveling with my husband by car from Texas to Florida reminded me of family 
vacations as a child.  We always drove to Saltillo, Mexico to visit family.  One 
year my parents were brave enough to take their family of eight children on a 
vacation from Texas to California to visit family in La Habra California.  I was 
around thirteen years old with three older teen brothers, an eleven year old sister and 
three younger brothers.  My youngest brother was around  five years old.  The 
family station wagon was packed with bodies so all the luggage had to be stored 
on top of the station wagon roof.   Mom always packed sandwiches and a Tupperware pitcher of 
Kool-aide for these road trips.  I remember making a pit stop at a Dairy Queen 
where we convinced dad to buy us hamburgers.  Remember those teenage brothers I 
mentioned earlier.  They were growing boys who played sports and could put some 
food away.  I will never forget the cashiers face when dad placed the order for 
ten hamburgers,  four with  double cheese double meat.  LOL, Did  I mention, 
they were short handed that day, so the manager had to work as the cashier and cook.
I enjoyed those road trips and have fond memories, however, it was always nice to 
get back home to Texas.

Awesome to see the  Lone Star entering Texas Country.
Nice to be Home.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Disney Trip

Yeah! All the band fund raising has finally paid off.  The Saint Pius X  Concert
and Jazz Band had the honor of performing at Epcot in Disney World in Orlando, 
Florida this weekend. The Flag Corp and Marching Band also marched down Main 
Street in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. 
Irene, Mickey & Juan
My two sons flew with the band while my husband and I drove for two days to see 
my son perform. We drove from Texas through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and 
down the Florida panhandle. We are so proud of my son and all the Saint Pius X 
Band and Flag Corp.  This trip was well worth the drive and I would do it again 
tomorrow to see my sons perform.  So far this is the longest distance we have 
gone to see our kids perform.  Question - What is the longest distance you have
gone to see your child perform?

Easter Eggs

I bought three paper mache eggs at Micheal's and decorated them with confetti.  Then I placed them in a bird nest that had fallen from our front yard tree.  Since this is a real bird's nest, it is very dirty and I did not want to use it on our kitchen table.  

So I placed it on my small porch table outside.  I sure hope the birds do not mistake my paper mache eggs for their real eggs.  LOL    + Have a Blessed Holy Week. +

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