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Monday, May 6, 2013

The story behind the Donkey

If you ever come to my house you will see a donkey in one corner of my living room.  Everyone always asks about that donkey.  So here goes the story:

Mom had a donkey planter that she had in her front yard.  That donkey was a solid piece of concrete.  ADD  the dirt and cactus plant, it must have weighed about 150 lbs.  After mom died, my brother gave the donkey to Juan because it was too heavy for him to move every time he had to mow the lawn.  Juan liked that donkey because it belonged to my mom.  He had to use a dolley with the help of the boys to move that heavy planter. 

One night the donkey was stolen from our front yard.  Juan was very upset that the donkey was stolen.  I was not upset, I was more amazed that someone could pick it up and move it.   We agreed that it had to be more than one person and that they had to have a truck to take it away.  There was no way anyone could walk down the street with a 150 lb. donkey. 

About  three months after the donkey was stolen, my niece Bianca was riding in the back seat of the family car, on their way back to the U.S. from a visit with their grandmother in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  Looking out the window she saw a vendor carrying a donkey and yelled.  "OMG, there is a donkey for my Tio (Uncle) Juan."  My sister in law asked for the price.  $25 (American money) seemed to much to pay.  So they kept driving (inching) their way towards US Customs, crossing the bridge.  The vendor walked along the car as my sister-in-law bartered the price.  Final price was something like $8.  Now the problem was how to get that donkey in the car, as they had a small car that was already full with the family.  Bianca was more than happy to carry that donkey on her lap that long 6-8 hour trip back to Houston.  Can you imagine the conversation in that car with that donkey on her lap?

Juan was so happy to receive an unexpected gift from Bianca.  He told me that the donkey was not allowed outside the house.  It is to stay indoors where it would be safe from thieves. I tried to put it up in the attic only to be told by Juan that it had to stay in the Living Room. 

Now, how am I suppose to deal with that donkey in the living room?  I have moved it around from one corner to the other.  I finally decided it was time to accept it and decorate it for the seasons.  It has worn a  Santa hat and a lighted wreath around it's neck for Christmas.  It has carried Easter bunnies at Easter and now I have decorated it for Cinco de Mayo. 

The funny thing about this donkey is that we have had small children in the house who are afraid to get near it.  Dogs who visit with their owners grawl and bark at the donkey. The truth is that the laughter this donkey has brought to our family and home is priceless.  It has earned it's higher place, so I have moved it from the corner of the living room to the entry way table, where all who enter can feel the pride of our Mexican heritage.    Happy Cinco de Mayo!.

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