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Welcome to my Blog Site :) I am so happy you stopped in. I am a part time worker, wife, mom and artist/crafter. I became a grandmother for the first time about a year ago. My passions are Stained Glass and Mixed Media Art. I am a Texas girl living in a house that my father and grandfather built in 1945. I have a loving husband and two teenage boys. My boys are talented musicians who make my life complete. I hope you enjoy reading my posts about music, my boys and grandson and just about life in general. So grab your favorite choice of drink, sit back, relax and happy blogging.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st Show of 2010

Back of booth wall.
Had my first craft show of 2010 at John Knox Presbyterian Church on Gessner St.  I met a wonderful lady named Joyce who is a former ballerina and an acrylic painter. I sold alot of smaller items but my best customer was a lady who bought two panels for her bathroom window.  Since I was busy with another customer, Joyce helped make the big sale. We are considering sharing a booth in the Heights. The show is alot closer to where I live and is an established show with other artists, but it is an outside show. 
See list of shows through the Holiday Season.  I have nice and unusual things that will make great gifts for family, friends or teachers and still busy making more items.   Hope to see you at one of my shows. 

Battle on Wylie St.

Texans banner at Roy's house.
Juan & John hanging Cowboys banner.
Every year this time the state of Texas is divided between two football teams.  Wylie Street is also divided this time of year.  There is a battle between Texans and Cowboys fans.  My husband (Juan) is a big Dallas Fan while my brother (Roy) is a big Texans Fan.  Each household proudly displays their teams banner.  Wylie Street will stay divided for the remaining of football season.  However, our family is thicker than water and no team, win or loose, will ever seperate the family.  We hang our flags, cheer for our team, and win or loose we are a family united by the spirit of the game.  As for me, I root for both teams, after all they are both from the great State of Texas.  Good luck to both teams this year.  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?

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