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Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Photo Scavenger Hunt Part 3

This is part 3 of Rinda's 2012 Photo Scavenger Hunt. I found 20 of the 21 items on the list.  I had a great time looking for the items on Rinda's photo list.  Many thanks to my cousin Rinda for hosting this scavenger hunt and thanks to my family who were patient with me.  Many times I drove out of the way to get these photos with family in tow.  I know my family enjoyed playing along as I heard my husband talk about the hunt to my brother.  Click on the 2012 scavenger badge to the right to view other participating blogs and photos.

Item #5 A train.  

Items  # 6  A Historical Landmark and Item #17 A Church -   This is the first church in Houston to be built by freed slaves.  It is right smack in the middle of downtown.  I love how this small church is just nestled between the tall skyscrapers.

Item #13 A Library - Julia Ideson Library is downtown across from City Hall.  It has some amazing architectural elements.  It has just been restored and currently houses historical books.  Some rooms can be rented for events.  I was lucky to be invited to a Christmas party held on the second floor.  It is an old grand lady and the interior is gorgeous.

Item #8 An Angel

Item #11 A Shadow  A wrought iron room divider I have in back of sheer white drapes in my living room.

Item #14 A person playing with a ball.  Took this picture from television, Sunday Football on Fox Sports, Dallas Cowboys vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Item #15 Someone dancing.  Don't know any of these youngster but they sure put on a good show.  


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