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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Endeavour leaves Houston

This morning the radio announcer reported the 747 giving the Space Shuttle Endeavour a ride to LA had left Elllington Field.  My son and I talked about how we missed seeing it fly by Houston's sky .  I dropped my son off at school and started driving toward the freeway.  From the corner of my left eye, I got a glimpse of it.   Thank God for the long red light and my handy phone camera.   Not a very good picture, the clouds did not help, but it was an awesome sight.

When I got to work my son posted his sighting of the same space ship from the second floor balcony at school.  

Later in the day I got a facebook post from the Houston Chronicle.  The 747 had made a stop at Ellington Field overnight to refuel.  

My son's friend, (K-DOG), drove out to Ellington Field and got a really cool night photo.

It was big news in Houston to see the Endeavour.  On a more personal note, it meant a lot to me as it reminded me of my Uncle Pete who worked for the space program when NASA first started until his retirement. Rest in Peace Uncle Pete and thank you for all you did  for us to be able to see this AWESOME  sight.

Endeavour piggie back ride by Houston

Isn't this awesome?

The Space Shuttle Endeavour made a piggie back fly by Houston's sky yesterday.  I was not lucky enough  to see it.  My cousin on the other hand was luck to get a really good picture from her work place. 

It spent the night at Ellington Field for the 747 to refuel before its final destination of Los Angeles.

New Sax

I had a lot of fun tricking my family on facebook about my 17 year old son's new baby being delivered soon.  They called asking all sorts of questions. I just kept on with the practical joke all week.   Read on and you will understand.  I hope my family will forgive me for tricking them.  

After a long weekend waiting for my sons new baby, it was finally delivered on Tuesday evening by UPS. My son acted like a father waiting for his first child to be born.  He kept pacing up and down the hallway and looking out the front door.  He would ask questions like "What time does the UPS truck stop delivering?" and "Does the UPS deliver on Sunday?".  He also tracked his baby on the UPS Website.  Once it got into the Houston area on Sunday night he asked if we could go pick it up from a warehouse where it was being stored until Monday's delivery.  It was finally delivered on Tuesday evening at 6:12 p.m
Unwrapping her.

Putting her together.
Playing her for the first time.

Lots of pretty buttons.
She is a beauty.  

Putting her to sleep.

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