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Welcome to my Blog Site :) I am so happy you stopped in. I am a part time worker, wife, mom and artist/crafter. I became a grandmother for the first time about a year ago. My passions are Stained Glass and Mixed Media Art. I am a Texas girl living in a house that my father and grandfather built in 1945. I have a loving husband and two teenage boys. My boys are talented musicians who make my life complete. I hope you enjoy reading my posts about music, my boys and grandson and just about life in general. So grab your favorite choice of drink, sit back, relax and happy blogging.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 One Little Word

Many of my blog friends have a One Little Word that they will focus on for the New Year. How cool to focus on a word instead of making resolutions that I know I will not keep. So here is my One Little Word for Year 2012 - FOCUS. Focus on what you say. It's not a matter of what, it's more a matter of staying Focused. They say a child's attention span is short. Well, I believe as I get older my attention span is getting shorter. I find myself losing focus on what I am doing. I get easily distracted and sometimes don't finish what I was doing. I can be working on a project, reading a book or just cleaning. I jump from one thing to the next and don't accomplish very much. So my one little word (FOCUS) is to remind me to keep my attention on what I am doing so that I do finish what I am working on so that at the end of the day I feel like I have accomplished something.
Click on picture to get a closer look. I altered this old pair of my son's glasses for my work desk to remind me to stay focused at work. I then mounted it in an old picture frame I had in my craft room. Because the glasses are bulky, I had to remove the glass from the small picture frame which now gives my project a cool 3D effect. I started to journal what I was going to focus on this year, for instance, Health, Family, Religion, Work, Exercise. Then I reminded myself that it was One Little Word and felt I needed to keep it simple. I am happy with how it came out and I think it will look great in my office. I

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