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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not a creature was stirring - not even a Mouse!

I have been making these little Christmas Mice and sharing with family and friends for several years. They are usually the talk of the party and super easy to make.
You will need: Maraschino Cherries with stems, Hershey's Kisses, Chocolate Bark, White Gel, Sliced Almonds First drain Cherries. You can pat cherries dry with paper towels. Just be careful not to break the cherry. LOL
Unwrap Hershey Kisses from silver package. Melt chocolate bark (I melt bark in the microwave for twenty-thirty seconds. Stir chocolate to help melt any large pieces. Repeat in twenty second increments until completely melted. Pick up cherries by the stem and dip in melted chocolate. Unite dipped cherry to the bottom of the Hershey Kiss. The Kiss is the Mouse's head and the Cherry is the Mouse's body with the stem being the mouse's tail. While bark is still melted, place sliced almonds on top of mouse's head (between the Cherry and the Hershey Kiss. Use a dab of white gel for the eyes.
Instead of Bark you can use a Hershey Bar. You only use the chocolate as a paste to bond the Cherry and the Kiss together. You don't use a lot of chocolate for this. You can also use M&M's for the ears instead of the sliced almonds. To hurry the cooling process, I place the mice in the refrigerator for a few seconds. How do you eat a mouse? Grab it by it's tail, drop in your mouth and pull the tail off.

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