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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Alligator Ride

This post is for my blog friend Deb over at Paper Turtle.  You can read her blogs about Rex, her pet turtle at http://paperturtle.blogspot.com/

What do you do if your a turtle and need to get to the other side of the pond?  Simple.  Catch a ride on the top of an alligator.

On a recent trip to Sea World in San Antonio, Texas I spotted this cute little turtle catch a ride on the shoulders of this huge ugly alligator.

It's amazing how some animals can get along and help each other out.   Something we humans should take note of.  

So how did the turtle get off the alligator?  The alligator went underwater which made the turtle have to swim the short distance to some rocks.  

We must have spent a good thirty minutes watching the alligators and turtles, feeding the fish and enjoying the peace of that moment. 

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