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Welcome to my Blog Site :) I am so happy you stopped in. I am a part time worker, wife, mom and artist/crafter. I became a grandmother for the first time about a year ago. My passions are Stained Glass and Mixed Media Art. I am a Texas girl living in a house that my father and grandfather built in 1945. I have a loving husband and two teenage boys. My boys are talented musicians who make my life complete. I hope you enjoy reading my posts about music, my boys and grandson and just about life in general. So grab your favorite choice of drink, sit back, relax and happy blogging.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let's do that again!

Dad was a tall, dark, heavy set, good looking man with very dark black hair.  Ever since I was in grade school all through my high school, I remember him wearing suits to work. He was promoted to Detective in the Burglary & Theft Division of the Houston Police Department and was given a take-home vehicle.  He would drive me, my brothers and sister to and from school in this unmarked police car.  It was equipped with a police radio, siren and had an engine built for speed.  There were a few times that we would be late for school so dad would run the car hot. (police lingo) Driving over the speed limit and over the railroad track humps would send the car flying in the air.  Somehow the car would land on all four tires and we all would yell and scream, "Let's do that again!"

Dad In Action

One late night Dad, mom and I were on our way home from the Knights of Columbus.  As dad started the unmarked police car, the dispatcher on the police radio announced a burglary in progress at an address just a block away from our location.  Dad told us to put our seat belts on and to hold on.  He put the car in reverse driving out the parking lot and for half block, put it on drive when he got to the intersection and drove at a high rate of speed for the half block into the parking lot of a convenience store.  While driving like a bat out of hell dad told us, " No matter what happens, stay in the car."   As we drove into the parking lot I saw a young security officer with his gun drawn on five guys with their hands in the air facing the store window.  All at the same time Dad opens the drivers side door, pulls out his off-duty revolver out the back of his pants, and jumps out the car, yelling "Police Officer, Police Officer" while showing his badge.   In seconds, we are surrounded by police cars with lights flashing and sirens blaring.  As officers passed our car they aimed their flashlights at me, sitting in the back seat of the unmarked car.  This was the first time I had seen my dad in action and as you can imagine, my heart was racing.  I told my mom I had never seen dad jump out the car so fast. On our way home dad told us the security guard had gone to the convience store for a cup of coffee and saw these guys robbing the store.  He surprised the robbers when they came out to find the guard with his gun drawn on them.  He said he was glad my dad had driven up when he did because he was outnumbered and scared.  Dad said the other officers asked if I was involved because they saw I was in the back seat.  That night I had trouble sleeping, thinking about what could have happened.  From that night until today, I have a great appreciation for what these great men in blue do on a daily basis and I was forever thankful to God when I would see my Dad come home from work.

Dad's Love

One late night dad came home to find me in the kitchen washing dishes and crying.  Earlier that evening Mom and I had another argument and I was angry at the world.  Dad told me to go to bed.  I told him I couldn't because I had to bake a cake for the school bake sale the next day.  He said go to bed and forget the cake.  As I cried myself to sleep I could hear him washing the dishes for me.  I finally fell to sleep when I was awakened by the smell of chocolate.  I went into the kitchen and there was dad, icing a chocolate cake for me to take to school.  He sent me back to bed where I cried myself to sleep again.  Only this time they were tears of joy, because I knew my dad loved me.  It was not the best decorated cake, but I knew that it would be delicious because it was made with alot of love.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Santa's House

Santa's House
These christmas ornaments were made using only two shapes of glass to build Santa's House, a two inch square for the bottom and a triangle for the roof.  These ornaments are double sided.  A christmas tree on one side and santa/snowman on the other side.  They are made using scraps of stained glass and old sheet music.   First I cut two inch squares out of sheet music, and dyed the sheets using water colors.  Once dry, I stamped a small christmas tree and embossed with green embossing glitter on one side and added silver embossing glitter to look like snow.  On the other side I glued a small picture of santa/snowman and embossed silver glitter to look like snow.  When completely dry, I sandwiched the piece of sheet music between two pieces of  clear textured stained glass.  Finally, I soldered the triangle roof and the two inch square to form a small house and added a ring on top for hanging on your christmas tree. If you like these, look for my Christmas in July Special next month.  Click on the picture to get a bigger view.

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