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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Paintings

Reading blogs that I follow, I came across The Painted Garden blog that shows you how to paint a snowlady on a small canvas to use as a door hanger.  Find the blog here: http://thepaintedgarden.blogspot.com/2010/12/lets-paint-pink-snowlady.html

I used Erin's directions and painting as an inspiration to paint my first door hanger.  Making these door hangers was loads of fun.  Stop by The Painted Garden blog and see other inspiring paintings.
Scrapbook paper on canvas
 Instead of base coating the entire canvas, I adhered scrapbook paper to the canvas and then drew the snowman with pencil before painting.  I then let the entire piece dry before adding embellishments. 

1st door hanger

Gift Bag
My second door hanger was inspired by a Christmas Gift Bag I saw at a local pharmacy. I took the picture with my cell phone instead of buying the expensive bag.

 In my painting, Santa's suit and hat is the scrapbook paper adhered to the canvas.
2nd door hanger

Scrapbook paper on canvas with Pattern in Book
In my third and last painting, the inspiration came from a drawing in a book I bought at Half Price Book Store.

3rd painted door hanger

Santa's face painted on scrapbook paper.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Raining Acorns

Eighteen years ago my mother bought us an oak tree that we planted in our front yard to give us shade as we sat on the front porch chatting and watching the world go by.  This little tree has grown and we have had to trim it several times.  Each fall the leaves would fall and the wind would blow just right that it would send the leaves flying across the street to the neighbor's yard.  The neighbors never complained about picking up leaves even though they did not have a tree.  This fall something strange happened.  The leaves did not fall. Instead of leaves falling, this oak tree is dropping acorns galore.  One evening the wind came which caused the tree to rain acorns.  So many acorns that you can hear them like the sound of hail hitting the ground.  Each night I have to sweep the driveway and walkway.  Only to wake up the next morning to find more acorns have dropped.  I am going into the forth week of sweeping and raking acorns.  Could it be because of the dry spell Texas has had this summer?  I refuse to let these acorns get me down.  You know the saving "If life gives you lemons make lemonade."  Well, I can't make a drink with acorns, but my plans are to make an acorn wreath.  Besides cutting the tree down, what other options do I have?  
Ground covered with acorns. 
(Click on picture to get a better view of how many acorns are on the ground.)

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