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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday Night Lights and the Night the Music Died

So it starts - High School Football

and with it comes Cheerleading

and Marching Band
only this year the music dies.  

TAPPS has passed new rules that limits the band from playing while the ball is in play or when a player is injured.  Therefore, the band can only play before kickoff, at half time, when there is a touchdown and when the teams exchange possession of the ball.  If the band violates these rules, the football team will automatically lose the game. 

The Band was given these rules right before the first game on Friday.  It was the night the music died.  It was the most quite football game I have been to.  In the fourth quarter the band started playing music by stomping their feet on the bleachers and singing.  It sounded louder than if the band had played.  It certainly got the crowd excited and cheering for the band.   You know how musicians are, they will find a way to play with or without an instrument.  Saint Pius X won their first game on Friday and on Thursday, 9-6-12 ESPN-U will televise the game.  Hopefully, you will get a glimpse of my son Mathew playing the Tenor Sax.

Are you planning on going to any High School games this year and is the school band being limited in their play time?


Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow - televised game! That's amazing. We will definitely get out to a few games this year. We are also orange and black, but we're the cougars not the panthers.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

What? How can they limit those kids and their music? Carrie was in marching band all four years of high school (percussion and then drum major her last two years) so we went to our share of high school football games! The most fun part of the game for me was seeing how much fun the band kids had with their music! I really miss those days, and whenever I hear a local high school band practicing I feel very nostalgic!

Lynn Stevens said...

That's terrible but at least the band found a way to be heard! LOL

Thanks for your kind words on my blog.
hugs Lynn

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