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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trees, Trees, Trees

Christmas Eve I will host the annual family Christmas Party in my home. It has been several years since I last hosted the party. These last couple of weeks I have been busy cleaning, decorating and moving furniture out of our house to make room for my large family.

Here is a peek at the seven trees in my home.

This tree is on the entry way table. It is made of aluminum and has magnetic ornaments. I like it because it is easy to set up.

We finally had to get an artificial tree which is in the living room. I like that it is not too wide so it does not take up alot of floor space.

The Police Blue Tree is something I started for my husband, who is one of Houston's Finest. This year, I wrapped the blue lights around the center pole.

This small table top tree is placed in my bedroom.

This tree is flat to make it easy to hang on a wall. Don't know where the tree came from, but I hung vintage cookie cutters that belonged to my grandmother. I had the red cookie cutters. It is hung on the kitchen wall.

The small tree belonged to my dad, who would use it in his office. It is placed on my son's piano along side the nativity scene. The other small tree is a mosaic I made with broken mirror pieces.

Did I go overboard with the trees? Maybe, but I really look forward to welcoming my family to my home.

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Maria Ontiveros said...

They all look so festive! We're going to get our tree this year - a smallish one this year (although we say that every year - this year it really will be small).
Maria Linda

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