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Sunday, February 20, 2011


This past Friday I drove to San Antonio to take a class in Repujado at Stamp Antonio Arts  http://www.stampantonio.com/.  Repujado is a spanish word at means to push.  Some may know it as metal pushing or metal embossing.  For this class the medium we used was pewter.  I was one of five students who had not taken the Introduction To Repujado Class.  But I have had some experience at embossing on soft copper and silver sheets, which is why I was allowed to take the class.  The other students brought some examples of their previous work.  I on the other hand did not have any examples because what I did make I gave them away as gifts. The instructor, Thelma Muraida, http://www.thelmamuraida.com/ was very informed of this craft and gave a little history of repujado and of the mexican game of Loteria, which we call Mexican Bingo.   You see the image that we embossed was picture #41 La Rosa from the Loteria game.  Thelma showed us how to create depth, texture and how to show details of  the rose.  She also kept reminding us to let our tools do the work.  Thelma was an excellent teacher with lots of patience. She did stay at the end of class to answer a few questions I had and  made herself available for any future questions.  I enjoyed the class and came home with a nice piece of art that I love and plan on mounting.  The only thing I would have liked is to have more time to patina and mount La Rosa.  There are about 50 pictures in the game of Loteria, I wonder which I will choose to push next.  But this is not just limited to the pictures in the game.  The images are only limited by your imagination.  By the way, if you are ever in the San Antonio area, I recommend stopping into Stamp Antonio Arts.  They are a One-of-a-kind Art Rubber Stamp Store and More with very friendly customer service. 


Maria Ontiveros said...

This is a great post on so many levels - I love hearing about classes and stamp stores (wherever they may be).
Also. . . loteria. Love it! The kids still enjoy playing it. And maybe a little bit closer to home to you. I have this very strong memory of being in the back of a station wagon with your family playing loteria. Maybe in Houston? Or maybe driving around Southern California? Is it possible that the boys (Roy, especially) had nicknamed your sister Angie "garza" (flamingo)? I remember one of the boys pulling the next card in the loteria deck and yelling "Angie, Garza, Bingo!" Do you remember that at all? It can't be the sort of thing I would make up.
Maria Linda

Irene said...

Maria Linda your comments made me laugh and did bring back that memory of Roy yelling "Angie garza bingo!" Not sure who gave her that nickname either Roy or Rudy. They both come up with jokes and pranks.

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